Wedding in the Carpathians


Want to get married on the background of the majestic mountains? 

Or maybe at the foot of the mountain or on the coast of the mountain river? 

We will help you to choose a hotel, a restaurant and a place for a visiting ceremony! 

Your wedding will be cozy and romantic.

How can we be useful for you:

  • We will find a location for a celebration
  • Create an interesting idea and concept 
  • We will pick up for you the services of photographers, videographers, presenter, music band and the others
  • Find a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony
  • Our decorators and florists will create the beauty of the wedding in details
  • We arrange a shuttle service for you and guests


  • We will help you to choose a banquet menu
  • We offer entertainment for guests

  • We will select especially good locations for the wedding photo shoot
  • Help you to make a wedding budget competently

  • We will control everything on the day of the wedding



Why choose us?

  • 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the job
  • Great experience (12 years), 83 organized weddings
  • We are in touch with the bride 24 hours a day
This will be an amazing wedding! Make this choice!


Wedding in the Carpathians in our portfolio HERE


A few more words that we want to say...


To create a wedding that will be memorable for the guests, and brides will remember that day with ease and warmth,
it isn`t necessary to spend hundreds of thousands dollars on the decor and floristics
and tens of thousands on the show program.

Enough to fill the holiday with small emotional accents, to say warm words of gratitude to those who occupy a special place in the hearts of the brides.

I believe that the CLEVENT team is more than a wedding agency. Every wedding is going on like our own....

The atmosphere that prevails at our weddings is elegance in detail, a comfort for everyone and the rest of the brides and their parents. We carefully, in puzzles, make your holiday, to hear from you: 

"Olesya, everything has happened ...!"


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